The week in pictures.








Day 1 – 19-03-03 Expected completion in 12-16 weeks.
Garage removed and porch roof. New drains planned and arranged with architect. Existing drain connected to newly built drain in front left corner.

Day 2. 20-03-03 Mechanical digger delivered plus tipper truck.
Trenches dug over 1m deep. Porch roof removed. New drain buried. Trenches inspected and advised that further trenches need not be as deep.

Day 3 – 21-03-03 Garage floor broken up. Further trenches dug. Soil stacked in garden and removed by lorry. Water table at about 4 foot.

Day 4 – 22-03-03 Saturday half day – Existing foundations revealed and hoped that Inspector would allow trenches without having to break up foundations.

Day 5 – 24-03-03 Trenches pumped out, inspected and approved. Concrete arranged for delivery in 3 loads. Concrete stepped in left side trench due to slope of land.

Day 6 – 25-03-03 Concrete set over night and Thermalite blocks delivered. Levels taken using theodalite. Soil pipe intercepted in dining room and diverted to new manhole on left path through lintle in brickwork. Base of garage wall knocked out for new downstairs drain. Start of brickwork to left side and new dining room.

Day 7 – 26-03-03 Hardcore being put down in new dining room and garage area. New manhole being built down left side path and connecting to front manhole. Can now use upstairs bathroom again. Further brickwork to right hand side. Pillar hole needed to be dug out squarely and then filled with concrete.

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