Day 22 – 15-04-03 Warm and sunny, John even got down to his shorts !! The soldier bricks were completed today and Bill expects that the landing window will need to be removed for the brickwork to progress at the front. There are still problems to be resolved to do with the dining room window and lintel plus the support of my bathroom wall which was not shown on the plans.

Day 23 – 16-04-03 Very warm and sunny. Jim came round to discuss dining room and decision made that window moves back to original position and that we must have the steel lintel showing. The lintel will then allow a further steel to be supported for my bathroom wall. Bill & John progressed well with the brickwork and the quality is good. Bill estimates that we will be up to roof level easily by the end of next week.

Day 24 – 17-04-03 Warm and sunny. Work progressed well, front to upstairs window level completed and repositioning of the downstairs window brickwork done plus quite a bit of the side brickwork. Scaffolding is almost ready for next lift however because it is Good Friday tomorrow the scaffolders will not come out. Therefore no work will be done on Saturday. Work will recommence on Tuesday 22nd. More bricks were purchased which although Chiltern are more orange than red, these will have to be mixed with existing bricks.

Day 25 – 22-04-03 Over the bank holiday weekend there was a heavy downpour and high winds causing bricks sitting on membrane to ‘fly’, and also blocks to get soaked. Today tuesday was brickwork and also  knocking out of wall between new hall and new dining room area. There was quite a bit of noise (expected) and a few good crashes. Work finished early as all outside brickwork has been completed ready for scaffolders to ‘lift’ tomorrow. We had our quote for windows which is £200 less than estimate. Bill expects roofers to start next week and therefore we have arranged next stage payment for Friday. Plans show velux windows however the sizes quoted are not made – we have opted for larger windows which Bill has ordered.

Day 26 – 23-04-03 Another warm sunny day. Mainly blockwork done bringing inside upto window level. Scaffolders raised platform. Knocking out ready for lintel in dining room to support bedroom 3 joists – a lot of noise and a small amount of plaster down in existing dining room. Paul advised that the old garage ceiling is not really supported and advised to not walk under it. A crack now goes all the way upto the roof in the old blockwork at the side of the house.

Day 27 – 24-04-03 Couple of showers but work progressed well. Window removed from landing so that brickwork could progress to roof. Side and front blockwork done. Roof tiles chosen are farmhouse red – these should be the same as our current tiles although they do appear redder. Payment made to Bill slightly earlier as should be made when at roof level. The lintel was put across the new dining room and shows that there is about 3/4″ difference between old and new joists. Roofers will definitely be here on Monday.

Day 28 – 25-04-03 Forecast heavy rain so quite a rush was made to get as much done as possible ready for the roof work on Monday. Brick and blockwork on front and sides was made upto roof level. The roof-tiles were removed as well as gutters and soffits which exposed a starlings nest (which should not have been there as we did have bird guard). The new joists in the extension are lower than existing and therefore are being raised to match the floor levels.

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