Day 57 – 05-06-03 Mike (Double Glazing) arrived with the French doors and also another window frame. We now have the front dressing room window in place and glazed as well as the downstairs hall window. Mike also fitted the side garage door. Phil was the only builder and he tried to cut out the position for the landing window while using a ladder. He considered this too dangerous and will return tomorrow with box scaffolding so that he can work safely. Phil also put double thickness plaster board in the study to cure the problem of the existing wall protruding further than the plasterboard.

Day 58 – 06-06-03 Plastering continued and Mike installed all of the glass in the windows plus installed the french doors minus glass. The stair wall was plastered making things a lot more tidy.

Day 59 – 09-06-03 The plasterers finished all reveals and also completed the landing window and the cupboard. Phil delivered more plasterboard so that insulation and boards could be put into the garage. Grant came along on Saturday and cut the walls so that the shower trays could be fitted. He asked that traps be left in the ceiling for the waste pipes to aid maintenance in the future.

Day 60 – 11-06-03 Phil & lad put up the plasterboard in the garage ready for the plasterers to start plastering today (day 61). The electrician worked hard and put in a number of downlighters, switches and power sockets. There was a problem in the new utility room due to the moving of the fan and cable not being present. I removed the floor in the landing and was able to feed a new cable back. Graham and I also installed new cables allowing for the immersion to be switched from the utility area.

Day 61 – The plasterers put up the coving in most of the downstairs rooms, they also coved the steel lintel in the dining room. Tomorrow (Thursday) they will be putting in the screed floor. Bill gave us a quote for the drive and also a new wall which we have accepted. He will be able to start the work while we are away and also let chippies in to do any necessary work.

Day 62+ Holiday.