Day 50 – 27-05-03 Paul & Phil completed plasterboards upstairs and also in the dining room. Grant the plumber turned up to make the plastic weld joints so that the plasterers can complete upstairs. The plasterers did not turn up today although expected yesterday (bank holiday Monday). Paul will chase them and also the glazing people. The walls were knocked down in the kitchen making it appear large and quite light.

Day 51 28-05-03 Mainly plastering upstairs  and plaster boarding downstairs.

Day 52 – 29-05-03  Because of our moving of the washing machine & tumble dryer, the electric cable points / sockets were all on the wrong sides – I therefore rewired everything appropriately. I also wired in 2 cables between study & roof, plus cable from GM bedroom into study, plus put in duct between study and airing cupboard. This was so that plaster boarding could progress in study. The plasterers continued in the master proving a curve between ceiling and wall, plus further plastering in the master bathroom. The ceiling was removed in the kitchen. Upstairs cupboard was plasterboarded. We disconnected the toilet cistern so that plastering could be made to the family bathroom.

Day 53 – 01-06-03 Bank Holiday – plasterers had said that they would come in on the Sunday hence the plumber came in on Saturday to do the downstairs pipework however they did not turn up. The plumber disconnected the micro bore radiator that was in upstairs landing as it had become damaged and was leaking preventing the plasterboard from being put up. The plumber also connected the sink cold water supply up to hard water. Downstairs loo and hall pipework was put in place. The plaster had dried in the family bathroom so we reconnected the cistern. We also got our front & rear door bell working.

Day 54 – 02-06-03 Bill came back from his weeks break in Ireland and got things moving. The scaffolding will be removed tomorrow so him and Phill installed the bird and gutter guard. Bill also cemented in the hip tiles that had become dislodged while trying to install guards. Bill went over to Walton on Thames to get further bird guard. The plasterers plastered the ceiling and two walls in the dining room, as well as one wall and ceiling in the downstairs loo. The protruding beam was also plastered in the master and velux reveals as well as the upstairs landing walls. The stair wall was removed at the two step point opening the hall up much more. Plasterboarding has now been completed in the inner hall and also the wall between the stairs and the utility room. Grant visited and told us that it would cost £400 to replace the boiler which we have accepted. We also discussed with him possible ways of moving the soil pipe to the outside wall of the kitchen.

Day 55 – 03-06-03  We received notification of queries raised by the building inspector one of which was the requirement to have interlinked mains smoke detectors on hall, inner hall and landing. This created quite a problem as ceilings were already up and ready for plastering for today. We worked things out concerning wiring and removed the ceiling plasterboards – one of which had no insulation behind it. We finished installing cables at about 21:30 and were exhausted. Most of the scaffolding has been removed although for some reason not all. Some of the new windows were delivered however they are all minus the glass – which should be with us by the end of the week. The electricians visited and exposed the cables going to the consumer unit, they also installed switches by the kitchen door. Plastering progressed and the study ceiling has now been done as well as hall and some of the walls.

Day 56 – 04-06-03 Mainly plastering of dining, halls and utility rooms. Mike the window guy arrived with more windows so we now have them all although still minus the glass. The french doors should be with us tomorrow. There were no builders today although there is still the landing window to be knocked through.